Monday, September 27, 2010

War and Culture

Last night I was in a theater, classic, red waterfalls of velvet.
During the performance I felt a sting on my leg and heard
the people around me in pain, ducking from rapidfire.
On my way to the floor I was shot in the side. 
I crawled as far away from the gunshots as I could before
blacking out.  When I awoke
all of the bodies had been taken outside to military trucks
and I was alone.  I stood 
and I was alive.
I climbed onto the rooftop of the theater 
into a sea of buildings
stepping from one rooftop to another
to escape.


  1. ...I'm just discovering your writing, but I think it's beautiful. I found you on youtube. Your "blinking pigs" video was amazing. Your mind must be such an eclectic place. Keep writing...and make more videos! I'd love to see more of your artistry.

  2. Sorry for the late response, and thank you for the kudos. It's more affirming than you know. Yes, I WILL keep writing! And I have a few video ideas up my sleeve... Recently relocated to Chicago and I need to befriend someone who knows how to work a camera.